Custom Labelling

Our printing systems allow for each individual filter to be labelled with your information, and logo if desired.  We are expert at ensuring clear and accurate labelling for your products and their packaging.

Custom Labels To Your Specification

We can despatch your order to any UK address, including directly to your third-party clients.  Making use of a range of carriers, we can ensure that our name and details never appear on labels or delivery records.  Your end users will not receive any of our contact details.

In addition to these discretion measures, we are able to pack and label your filters, to show the relevant site destinations, such as individual Air Handling Unit identifications, or room numbers.  We are expert at packing and labelling your products to ensure your engineer or client sees the information they need.

Our wire frames and dual density foam pads can have your custom tags added to show your name.  Custom airflow labels are an option on all but wire frames and media pads.