Panel Filters

We manufacture and supply a range of panel filters for all your air conditioning and air intake applications, standard and custom sizes, lightweight card or durable metal cases, G3 to F8 ratings.

Product Overview

Panel Filters are manufactured with a frame of moisture-resistant, die-cut, white-lined chipboard.

All of our Panel filters are also available with metal frames for applications where a more robust filter is required, with optimum moisture-resistance.  Available in standard and custom-made sizes.


Interested in this product? Why not let us know and we'll get back to you


Interested in this Product?

Why not drop us a message and we'll get back to you


Panel Filters are designed as a pre filter in air conditioning and air intake applications.


The G4/EU4 Pleated Panel filter is often used as a pre-filter for our Bag Filter, and is suitable for use in HVAC for offices, retail, education, food and hospital applications.  Disposable and economical for higher volume systems.

The G3/EU3 Glass Panel filter has a high dust and paint holding capacity, suitable for general air conditioning use, such as carpenters workshops, automotive, metal working, & paint shops.

In the G4 Carbon Pleated Panel filter, the activated carbon agent is highly porous with a vast amount of surface area, and acts on a huge range of odour substances, from combustion exhaust to cooking odour and paint and refinishing odours.

Our C-Cell Panel filter is a high efficiency filter, available in M6, F7 and F8 grades, designed for use in HVAC installations where the highest degree of air cleanliness is required. The compact design, larger surface area and low initial resistance make it an ideal alternative to ordinary bag filters and panel filters of similar efficiencies.

BS EN 779 Type Rated Face Velocity Initial Resistance (Pa)
G4 G4 22mm @1.5 m/s 45
G4 G4 45mm @2.0 m/s 47
G4 G4 95mm @2.5 m/s 60
G3 G3 22mm @1.5 m/s 20
G3 G3 45mm @2.0 m/s 45
G4 Carbon 45mm @2.0 m/s 62
G4 Carbon 95mm @2.5 m/s 75
F7 C-Cell 22mm @1.25 m/s 145
F7 C-Cell 45mm @2.0 m/s 114
F7 C-Cell 95mm @2.5 m/s 114

The G4 Pleated Panel filter has a polyester filter media laminated to rust resistant steel stiffening expanded mesh and pleated to increase the filtering area.

The G3 glass panel filter has a pad of continuous filament glass media bonded with a resin and tackified using a dust collecting gel.

The G4 Carbon Pleated Panel filter is made from a polyester filter media laminated to rust resistant steel stiffening expanded mesh, impregnated with activated carbon, and pleated to increase the surface area.

The C-Cell Panel filter is made up of water resistant micro-fine glass fibre filter media, closely pleated and separated by continuous thermo-plastic bead separators. This design accommodates a very large quantity of filter media which offers a longer service life and low pressure drop.

Additional Information

High capacity and reduced pleat versions, and M6 and 85% grade panel filters are also available, please enquire.  Enquire also for G4 Synthetic Panels.

Glass Fibre Media  (continuous filament glass media bonded with a resin and tackified using a dust collecting gel) can also be supplied separately, in rolls or cut pads – contact us for details.


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