Mesh Wire Frame Filters

Choose a Mesh Wire Frame Filter for lightweight yet durable construction, washable, including where a lint screen is required.

Product Overview

Mesh Wire Frame Filters are available in coarse or fine PVC-coated glass mesh, which is stitched to a copper-coated steel wire frame.

We manufacture every filter to order, our technology allowing for batches from one to any number.These mesh filters are washable and long-lasting.


Interested in this product? Why not let us know and we'll get back to you


Interested in this Product?

Why not drop us a message and we'll get back to you


The Mesh Wire Frame Filter is a washable filter panel used widely in air conditioning units, fan coil systems, warm air furnaces, refrigeration counters and electronic equipment cabinets. It is a low resistance filter often used to protect heat exchanger coils from dust, fluff, etc

Specify the mesh filter where you require a stronger product, being able to cope with many different types of environments whilst also having the advantage of a longer life than comparable filter medias.

Stitching Velcro around the perimeter of the frame and supplying a self-adhesive mate can help to attach them to most surfaces.


PVC-coated woven filament glass in either coarse (16 x 18 threads per inch), or fine (20 x 30 threads per inch).


Cleanable lint filter, durable, lightweight collecting power.


PVC-coated fibreglass strands. Copper-coated steel wire frame.

  • Velcro can be stitched to the perimeter of the filter and a self-adhesive mate can be used to fix the filter to a flange.
  • Pull tags can be stitched to the filters to aid their removal.
  • Wire Frame Filters can be folded to any reasonable angle, or hinged for flexibility.
  • Personalized name tags can be stitched to all of our Wire Frame Filters, sleeves, and dust holding socks.


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