Reticulated Polyester Foam

Polyester reticulated foam, available as sheets, cut pads, cylinders and sewn on to wire frames. From 10ppi to 60ppi.

Product Overview

Reticulated Foams are formed by a de-membraning process which creates totally open cell foam, a good product for air filtration having low pressure resistance and good dust holding property.

Reticulated foam is graded in pores. This is measured by counting cells per inch; grades start at 10ppi and end in 60ppi.

Polyester foams are suitable for air filtration.

Foam sheets can be converted into your required pad size, whilst different pore sizes bonded together will give two stage filtration, expanded mesh can be fixed between the pads to make a more rigid panel if required.

Foam pads can also be formed into cylinders, cones and other shapes, with metal mesh stiffeners if required.


Interested in this product? Why not let us know and we'll get back to you


Interested in this Product?

Why not drop us a message and we'll get back to you


Mainly used as air filters in automotive, heating and ventilation, and air conditioning industries; specify impregnated versions where flame retardancy is required.


10ppi, 20ppi, 30ppi, 45ppi, 60ppi

ask for our expert advice for the right grade for your application


Southern Filters Polyester Reticulated Foam: 10mm thickPressure-Drop 2

Product PPI Density net KG/m3 DIN EN ISO 845 Comp Load Deflection kPa DIN EN ISO 3386-1 Tensile Strength kPa DIN EN ISO 1798 Elongation at Break % DIN EN ISO 1798 Air Flow L/(m2*s) DIN EN ISO 9237
PS10 8/13 36 +/- 3 3,5 +/-1 >100 >100 6000
PS20 16/23 35 +/- 3 3,5 +/-1 >120 >150 5000
PS30 27/34 34 +/-3 3,0 +/-1 >150 >200 4000
PS45 41/49 33 +/-3 3,0 +/-1 >150 >200 3000
PS60 57/70 31 +/-3 3,5 +/-1 >180 >200 1800
Foam Thickness 5mm/300mm (Tolerance +/- 1mm)
Fire Retardance FMVSS 302
Colour Charcoal
Pore Size 10ppi/60ppi
Temperature Range -40c / +120c
Sheet Size 1220mm+2000mm
Flammability ISO 3795
Mm/min FMVSS 302
100 max
Additional Information

Our reticulated foam pads can be glued together to form a dual-density pad, for two-stage filtration, with a metal mesh stiffener if required for rigidity. Pull tags can be attached to these filters.

Various impregnations, for stiffening or enhanced V-0 flame-retardancy, or carbon impregnation are available, please enquire.


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