HEPA Filters

Deep Pleat E10, H13, H14, Mini Pleat E10 to H14, Mini Pleat Multi Wedge H13, H14.

Product Overview

HEPA air filters are used in HVAC and cleanroom systems where the quality and cleanliness of the supply air is critical.

We can supply these in standard or non-standard sizes in most grades from E10 to H14

Please be careful when unapacking your filter, see below for a guide on how to do so without causing damage

how to unpack your HEPA filter

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Interested in this product? Why not let us know and we'll get back to you


Interested in this Product?

Why not drop us a message and we'll get back to you


E10, E11 & E12 for fine filtration in commercial and industrial applications.

H13, H14 for more exacting filtration in critical processes or cleanrooms.

Specify a HEPA filter for medical and pharmaceutical facilities, hazardous environments, and critical environments such as food and museum locations.


Deep Pleat HEPAs: E10 H13 H14

Economic HEPA filtration using borosilicate micro glass paper, with the option of wood or metal case and aluminium or kraft paper pleat separators, and optional grilles.

Available in Standard and Extended area

Wood / Kraft version fully incinerable

Mini Pleat HEPAs: E10 to H14

Compact HEPA filtration using borosilicate micro glass paper in a metal or wood case using glue bead pleat separators with or without grilles. Available in a number of depths.

Mini Pleat Multi Wedge HEPAs: H13 and H14

High capacity HEPA filtration using borosilicate micro glass paper in a metal case using glue bead pleat separators, with filter packs arranged in Vee-formation to maximise available paper surface area.


Classification acc. to EN 1822:2009 MPPS

Efficiency Particulate Air Filters

  • Filter Class E10 – 85%
  • Filter Class E11 – 95%
  • Filter Class E12 – 99.5%

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters

  • Filter Class H13 – 99.95%
  • Filter Class H14 – 99.995%

H13 Deep Pleat Filters 292mm deep
Standard area capacity 1.27 m/s @ 250Pa
Extended area capacity 1.90 m/s @ 250Pa

H13 Mini Pleat Filters 68mm deep
0.45 m/s @ 110 Pa 

H13 Multi Wedge Filters 292mm deep
3 m/s @ 250Pa


Deep Pleat Filters:

Full depth paper pleats with corrugated separators

Mini Pleat Filters:

Close pleated with glue bead separator.

Multi Wedge Filters:

Mini pleat packs arranged in a full depth Vee configuration

Additional Information

All Deep Pleat HEPA Filters are scan leak tested prior to despatch and Test Certificates are available for each filter on request

All filters can be supplied with a gasket to your specification

Contact Bob Martin for expert technical advice when specifying a HEPA filter


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