Case Study

Hinged Filters

The requirements

Our wire frame filters often need to be fitted into areas with restricted access, where hinged filters are the ideal solution. This customer had a particularly challenging location, where their client required one filter to be used in a ceiling void unit.

Southern Filters knew that hinged filters would be the answer here, and had been trialling a system using strong clear tubing hinges. The overall dimensions of the filter can be divided up into several smaller sized frames which are then joined together using the clear tubing. We can split the frame down to as many sections as required for flexibility, then the clear tubing hinges are fitted, and one filter pad is stitched to the hinged frame to complete the filter.

The Solution

The hinges made from clear plastic tubing produce a stronger, more resilient filter. This can be fitted easily as one filter, its hinges allowing the filter to be “fed” into the space, and later removed and replaced as required, using sewn tabs at the ends.


The hinged filter has been a very successful solution for many difficult access issues for fancoil filter replacement. Our clear tubing upgrade makes this a more resilient filter and meets this customer’s needs perfectly.

Our customer said

“The siting of the fancoil system for this location was very challenging – the only place we could fit the unit meant that a standard filter would not be possible to fit. The folding wire frame filter solution with multiple hinges, which Southern Filters manufactured for us, worked perfectly, allowing maintenance changes to be carried out with ease.”

Craig, Fancoil Manufacturer.