Case Study

Multiwedge Solution for Secondary Safety Filtration

The Requirement

Our client, a dust collector unit manufacturer had a requirement for secondary safety filters to sit above the primary filter section on a dust collector unit.

The client provided the airflow required and space available. From this basic information, Bob was able to specify a cost effective solution for the secondary safety filter.


The air flow required was 5100 m3/hr and the space available on the top plate was 1400mm x 1200mm

Approach A

Bob Martin considered filters with an H13 rating, and looked for the most economical solution for the client.

Approach B

Two Deep Pleat HEPA filters would have been a possibility, but Bob rejected these as they would incur a higher cost.  Using the Multi Wedge Filters allows ample capacity for a lower cost.

The Solution

We recommended the client to use our Multi Wedge Metal Cased HEPAs as they have a high capacity rating to cost ratio:

1 off H13 MWF 610x610x292 rated at 4000 m3/hr @ 250Pa

1 off H13 MWF 610x305x292 rated at 2000 m3/hr @ 250pa

This configuration made best use of the space available.  The efficiency for these secondary safety filters was H13 to EN 1822.


Bob brings a wealth of experience to our technical sales, quoting clients for this type of system on a regular basis. His expertise allowed for a quick and confident solution.

Our customer said

Southern filters solution met our needs both technically and dimensionally.  We have been using Southern Filters as a supplier for HEPA and secondary filter elements for many years now.

They always give a very prompt and reliable service, coupled with excellent technical backup and cost effective solutions.”

(Neil, Internal Sales)